Medicaid Expansion Endorsements

Warrensburg Daily-Star Journal: Yes to Medicaid funds
“The question is this: Would Missourians be better off to expand Medicaid than not? Yes, they would, Gov. Jay Nixon, and the Missouri and Warrensburg chambers of commerce, state. We agree… Missourians getting back some of what they pay into the federal system makes sense and if this state does not take the money, then another state will. In addition to the "take it or lose it" fiscal side of the debate is the humanitarian side -- something some people seem to scorn these days. But others realize providing medical care for 300,000 more people is the right thing to do. There also is a business aspect. The proposed transfusion of $5.7 billion for health care into Missouri's economy would provide a powerful antidote for a state that ails financially. No, the situation is not ideal. But after looking at both sides, we support Warrensburg and other chambers of commerce across the state in backing Medicaid expansion for Missouri.” [3/20/12]

Columbia Daily Tribune: Medicaid Expansion
“Republicans should come around because it is the right thing to do, both as a way to expand health care coverage and to bolster the state economy. As supporters often note, if Missouri does not take the federal money, it will go elsewhere and pressure to expand Medicaid in our state will remain. How smart is that?” [3/6/13]

Springfield News-Leader: Get Moving on Medicaid
“With the economic health of the state and the health care industry in the balance, it is time for the Missouri General Assembly to get serious about expanding Medicaid.” [3/2/12]

St. Joseph News-Press: Medicaid ball now in GOPs court. “Republicans in the Missouri General Assembly have their wake-up call: Put forward a better argument for opposing an expansion of Medicaid, or risk the scorn of all voters who desire to pay less and receive more in the way of government services… States that participate will have healthier families, lower health care costs impacting everyone, and a ripple of other economic benefits. None of these good outcomes will flow to those states that opt out.” [1/12/13]

Kansas City Star: Missouri would benefit from Medicaid expansion
“It turns out that keeping Missourians healthy by expanding access to Medicaid is also a great prescription for the state's financial health.” [12/21/12]

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Want jobs? Expand Medicaid.
“It is time to say yes, Missouri. Yes to jobs. Yes to investment. Yes to a healthier future.” [11/29/12]

St. Louis American: Expanded Medicaid ‘Too Good to Pass Up.’
“Injection of these federal funds would bring substantial benefits to the state’s economy. There would be a need for more hospitals, doctors and pharmacists all over the state, with positive economic benefits for the state from these new employers and employees. Moreover, there would also be an increase in jobs in a wider range of professions. Even the business community in rural and urban areas across the state is mounting unprecedented support because they understand the reality described in a report from Wells Fargo Securities that, ‘”The federal government’s generous reimbursement for expanded coverage is indeed too good to pass up.’” [3/21/12]