KBIA: Clergy members arrested after protesting in the Missouri Legislature

By Heather Adams

May 6, 2014

  Twenty-three Clergy members were arrested Tuesday during a rally at the capitol. The rally, by the group Missouri Faith Voices, was meant to get state senators to expand Medicaid eligibility.

Over 300 members of Missouri Faith Voices gathered in the rotunda for a rally before certain clergy members moved into the Senate Gallery. While, other members showed support outside of the gallery, the select clergy members sang and prayed out loud for about an hour before police arrested them.

KMOX: 23 Arrested Following Medicaid Expansion Protest

Emma Nicolas May 7, 2014 7:26 AM

JEFFERSON CITY (KMOX/Capitol Bureau) - A visitor’s gallery of singing and chanting protesters calling for Medicaid expansion led to the arrest of 23 by Capitol Police.

“Do your job. Expand Medicaid,” is just one of the many chants heard from the Senate public gallery on Tuesday, April 6.

“People are sick and dying while you all enjoy quality health care” said the demonstrators, primarily made up of clergy members.

Columbia Tribune: Protesters occupy Senate to demand Medicaid expansion

By Rudi Keller, Columbia Tribune

May 7, 2014

JEFFERSON CITY — Chanting, "This is the people's house," hundreds of protesters disrupted action in the Missouri Senate on Tuesday as they called for expanded Medicaid eligibility.

The protest ended with the galleries being cleared and 23 clergy members from across the state facing possible trespassing charges.