MTPR: Why Montana Hospitals Back Bullock's Medicaid Expansion Plan

"When you look at the uninsured population, when they get sick, they usually can't afford to get primary care or preventative care, and even when they're sick they'll oftentimes stay home or delay seeing a physician. And they end up either in our ER for symptoms such as bronchitis or ear aches, or things that should really be taken care of in a physician's office in a lower cost setting."

Kirksville Daily Express: Medicaid issue critical to rural health care, expert says

The state of Missouri should expand Medicaid both as a cost-effective way to extend coverage to hundreds of thousands and as a way to stabilize rural health care across the state, according to a faculty member at the Saint Louis University School of Law and fellow panelists at a community meeting in Kirksville. 

You're killing your constituents, say activists

“As a physician, I can tell you first hand, that there are Missourians who are sick, in pain, and will die too soon because they lack affordable health care," Early said. "For the last two years, the Missouri legislature has missed the opportunity to help these people by failing to expand Medicaid and create access to affordable health coverage to 300,000 Missourians.


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